Durable Designs for Regulatory, Interpretive & Informational Signage

A Few Reasons Why You Should Use Our Sign Systems:

  • Durability – Our environmentally stabilized polymer material was born in the marine industry and manufactured to withstand abuse. It is resistant to UV rays, graffiti and vandalism; it will not warp, rot, delaminate, chip, fade, bend or rust.
  • Aesthetics – SignGuard blends harmoniously with a site’s architectural features and landscape. Our systems enhance the look and feel of streetscapes, residential and commercial developments, parks, trails, parking lots and more.
  • Safety – Designed to protect the public from the corners and edges of metal signs, our SignGuard provides a protective frame, reducing injury and liability, extending the life of the sign.
  • Value – Our sign systems add value to an often-overlooked component of landscape design. Backed by a 10-year warranty with an estimated 25-30 year life expectancy.