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Browse Signs & Designs.

Our original product, SignGuards™, was designed to protect the public from sharp metal sign edges, and are PSI Outdoors most popular product. The frame is made of HDPE, a material born out of the marine industry, and is fabricated by King Plastic Corp. You’ll never need to worry about fading, chipping, cracking, or re-painting. SignGuards™ are utilized to frame reflective regulatory signs on streets, trails, parking lots and other public spaces.

An ultra-durable post and frame assembly, suitable for branding place, identity and a cohesive element for larger format messaging throughout the community. Two-sided imaging capability is an added benefit for directional way-finding assistance or to other highly visible signage needs.

Need to direct a path of travel? Offer informative points of interest or provide another educational experience, at PSI Outdoor, we will work with you to develop a unique, beautiful and durable solution to fit your landscape.

A central gathering place within a community, your Clubhouse and Pool should also reflect the common aesthetic. Proper pool area signage is one of our specialties. We understand the complexities of getting it right and making it last.

Helping to round out the look and feel of your project, we offer amenity solutions like Bicycle Racks, Benches, and Pet Waste Stations. As with all our products, they are styled to your project’s brand standards, environmental aesthetic and built to look great for many years with minimal maintenance.

Tired of maintenance problems? Replacing, repairing and repainting can be put in the past when you install our HDPE systems. We have many different design options that can be customized with brand standards such as logos, fonts, colors and messaging.

Most of the products in our catalog are ready to be customized with stock color variations on frame and post assemblies. We have designed these components to easily accept branding, way-finding and messaging.