Taylor Morrison Development – Sea Summit Residential:

Public Safety Industries developed a cohesive community design for all streetscape signage throughout four neighborhoods: Azure, Sapphire, Indigo and Aqua. Arch style SignGuard’s in brown and white were engraved with the Sea Summit logo and brand, along with the appropriate neighborhood name for wayfinding purposes. We also designed and implemented the cast bronze monument signage for five locations, all street name signage, posts and brackets.


City of San Clemente – Trails, Parks & Recreation:

Public Safety Industries created city branded Wave style SignGuard’s in brown and white for the San Clemente Beach Trail and Sea Summit Trail. Along with these trails we completed signage for five parks: Pico Park, Vista del Sol Park, Canyon View Park, Ocean View Park and Jim Johnson Memorial Sports Park. Additionally, we collaborated with city staff to create maps and legends for interpretive trailhead kiosks, along with habitat and wildlife panels.


Ladera Ranch – Parks & Clubhouses:

Public Safety Industries provided community branded Radius style SignGuard’s in brown and tan with appropriate ADA signage for the Ladera Ranch Covenant Hills Clubhouse, Avendale Clubhouse and Oso Grande Park.

Talega – Clubhouse:

Public Safety Industries provided community branded Radius style SignGuard’s in brown and white with appropriate regulatory signage including Fire Lane, ADA and directional to the Talega Swim and Athletic Club.

Sovereign Flavors – Commercial Parking Lot:

Located in a Santa Ana Business Park, Sovereign Flavors Headquarters shares parking lot space with various surrounding businesses. Due to neighbors utilizing their spots, Public Safety Industries installed “Visitor Parking” signs, Radius style in white and black with the Sovereign Flavors logo. This solution allowed Sovereign Flavors to brand the perimeter of their office and display their parking expectations in a friendly manner.